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Why did Churchill oppose Overlord? Why did he want to send Allied troops into easily defended, mountainous regions – Italy, Greece, the Balkans – instead of Normandy? Did he fear Hitler’s Army? Did he dread a re-run of 1914-18? Or did he prioritise British Oil and Empire interests over the task of liberating Europe from fascism? Did the Greatest Ever Briton favour a ‘Brexit’ military strategy which would have gifted western Europe to Stalin? Empire First re writes WWII history and the reputation of Britain’s iconic Prime Minister.

“Graeme Bowman has done the daring thing, revealing Churchill as an old-fashioned imperialist and an incompetent strategist… a lively read with a strong central argument.”
Prof. Richard Overy

“I greatly enjoyed Empire First. It is well-researched, clear, fluent… a book with immense appeal.”
Prof. Sir Tom Devine

“A fine new analysis of Churchill’s wartime role that differs from existing accounts and beliefs.”
Prof. Gerhard L. Weinberg

“A ruthless, evidence-based demolition of Churchill’s competence and integrity as a strategist.”
Paul Shields, Rebel City