“Graeme Bowman has done the daring thing, revealing Churchill as an old-fashioned imperialist and an incompetent strategist… a lively read with a strong central argument.”
Prof. Richard Overy

“I greatly enjoyed Empire First. It is well-researched, clear, fluent… a book with immense appeal.”
Prof. Sir Tom Devine

“A fine new analysis of Churchill’s wartime role that differs from existing accounts and beliefs.”
Prof. Gerhard L. Weinberg

“A ruthless, evidence-based demolition of Churchill’s competence and integrity as a strategist.”
Paul Shields, Rebel City

Empire First Front Cover (1)

Why did Churchill oppose Overlord? Why did he want to send Allied troops into easily defended, mountainous regions - Italy, Greece, the Balkans - instead of Normandy? Did he fear Hitler’s Army? Did he dread a re-run of 1914-18? Or did he prioritise British Oil and Empire interests over the task of liberating Europe from fascism? Did the Greatest Ever Briton favour a ‘Brexit’ military strategy which would have gifted western Europe to Stalin? Empire First re-writes WWII history and the reputation of Britain’s iconic Prime Minister in five hundred scintillating pages.

Empire First Front Cover (1)